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Advertising A Service Is Helping Students Choose From NYC Public High Schools

The Guide application helps New York City middle school students decide what high school they should attend based on their interests and where they live

Gen Z How Did Colonel Sanders End Up In This Public High School Yearbook?

California's Bear Creek High School added a little star power to the 2017 yearbook

Millennials Snapchat Is Bringing Real-Time Sports Scores Filters To High School Athletics

Students will now be able to overlay their school’s scoreboard filters above their photo and video selections

Advertising Powerful PSA Addresses The Dangers Of Facebook Bullying

The campaign draws attention to the psychological impact of cyber harassment

Advertising High School-Organized TED Talks Inject Inspiration Into Traditional Curriculum [Video]

Silicon Valley high school students offer a new take on learning.

Technology One Third Of U.S. High School Students Own An iPhone [Headlines]

Apple's smartphone is becoming ubiquitous amongst kids ages 13-17, 34% are owners.

Home New York's Mayor Wants To Encourage Young Software Engineers

Mike Bloomberg stresses the importance of technical skills for the future job economy.

Technology 'Uncommon' Peer-To-Peer Consultancy Helps You Prepare For College

A group of undergraduates band together to create a means of assisting high school students in their grueling college applications.

Technology Students Post On Wikipedia For Class Projects

Teachers are embracing Wikipedia as a writing and research tool used for class projects.

Innovation Houston High School Library Goes Virtual

A Texas school principal junks library books in favor of a "coffee-shop" style e-book campaign.

Gaming & Play Teens Digitally Distracted, In Need Of Downtime

A New York Times feature on the digital habits of a Silicon Valley high school suggest that teens aren't getting enough mental downtime to remember their homework.