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Syndicated Artificial Intelligence Could Serve As A Judge In The Court Of The Future

A new software program can weigh up legal evidence and more questions of right and wrong to predict the outcome of trials

Design How to Build a Social Campus

Awkward, disconnected, chilly spaces keep conversations to a minimum. A well-designed university makes room for people to share ideas across generations

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They learned about four possible future higher education tracks, or could create their own.

Technology Dan Gilmour: Why Blogging Will Never Die

Why the popular phenomenon is something all writers -- academic, journalistic or creative, should implement in a responsible way.

Advertising App Is Able To Monitor Disease Outbreaks In Real Time

ClickClinica provides real-time global disease surveillance by letting doctors record patients' symptoms with a single click.

Features What Is Milking?

First came planking, followed by Batmanning and owling. Now students are 'milking' – pouring milk over themselves in public places.

Home Will Online Courses Be The End Of Traditional Universities?

Publishing, music, shopping, journalism – all revolutionised by the internet. Next in line? Education. Now US academics are offering world-class tuition – free – to anyone who can log on, anywhere in the world, is this the end of campus life?

Work What Is An Average Day Like At MIT?

The Technology Institute has just been named best university in the world. Students tell The Guardian what it's like to experience the prestige.

Syndicated UK To Make All Government Funded Scientific Research Open Access

Free access to British scientific research will change the way that science develops by allowing more equal opportunities for individual study.

Features Are Museums The Perfect App Partner?

Students at the University of Leicester conceived of touchscreen devices that enhance traditional exhibits with expanded content and interactive features.

Design How Do We Educate The Workforce Of The Future?

PSFK chats with the founders of Enstitute, the apprenticeship-based, higher education program that is trying to replace college by creating an environment where students learn by doing.

Gaming & Play Triple Pundit: Harvard’s i-Lab Brings Us New Crop Of Future Zuckerbergs

New project from Cambridge-based university aims to foster young entrepreneurial talent.

Technology Student Advisor Rates The Top Social Media Universities [Headlines]

Schools are using new media to enhance higher education, here's the list of who is doing the best job.

Advertising Higher Education Is Now Cheap And Accessible

The Faculty Project curates free online lectures by professors from top universities.