Advertising Designer Creates Miniature Works Of Art Out Of Trail Markers

To promote the natural beauty of Graubünden, the town sought the help of a local artist to create mini-masterpieces that would serve as trail markings for hikers

Fitness & Sport Hiking Boots Will Vibrate To Give You GPS Directions

The Bluetooth-enabled footwear will help ensure you're never lost

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Couchsurfing Wants To Help You Make Friends

The company has added a hangout feature that lets members post an activity and others nearby can request to join

Design Convert Your Favorite Hikes into Tiny Mountain Replicas

A service 3D-prints your treks into beautiful objects

Retail Free Merch Awaits Hikers Who Trek Wilderness to Access Pop-Up Stores

Swedish brand Peak Performance rewards hikers who challenge themselves to find beauty at magical hours

Luxury App Matches Hikers Based on Interests and Location

Hikewith.me encourages like-minded strangers to connect offline and go on walks

Innovation Waterproof Backpack Turns Into A Beach Towel [Pics]

The WalkBag is a small-sized backpack that turns into a beach towel when flipped inside out.

Technology Yelp For Hikers Teams Up With National Geographic

AllTrails partnership aims to build comprehensive online platform for outdoors enthusiasts.

Design A Sleeping Bag Designed For Romantic Encounters & Flexible Use

The "Sexy Hotness" sleeping bag is practical in many ways.

Design (Pic) Visvim's Artisanal Hiking Supplies

Inspired by an alpine mountain adventure, Visvim head designer Hiroki Nakamura has created an unusual line of artisanal hiking supplies.