Advertising Why There's A Growing Overlap Between Hip-Hop And Yoga

Hip-hop and yoga have been adopting an ever-closer position for a while, with Big Boi the latest artist to confess his love of Lululemon

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The garments form Genius, formerly Rap Genius, features the hottest and greatest from 1997

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Raekwon partnered up with Subpac on his new album so listeners can let the beat pulse through their body

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Obey Your Verse campaign returns this summer with the words of a new collection of rappers adorning the soda company's packaging

Syndicated Muhammad Ali's Influence Ran Deep Through Rap's Golden Age

Some have argued that the Champ was the first rapper

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Buildable social video becomes a richer experience the more screens you add

Design 'Grillz' Art Installation Uses Algorithmic Data to Visualize Hip-Hop Lyrics

Artist creates grills representing the music genre's lyrical patterns

Design Illustration Showcases Hip Hop Artists' Wordsmith Skills

Data analyst digs into Rappers' vocabs to produce colorful pictorial

Advertising Rap Mic Contest Lets MC's Rap into Their Headphones

Hip-hop label partners with headphone brand to develop an app that crowdsources vocal tracks contributions

Op-Ed Three Lessons from Toyota's 'Swagger Wagon 2'

Yes, hip hop is global, but using it still requires understanding cultural nuance

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Poster categorizes and connects over 1,000 famous rap monikers.

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The rappers have put their latest track on the file sharing website along with instrumentals and vocals to remix it.

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History reveals itself for some of music’s most iconic moments.