Advertising Madesquare Turns Your Favorite Instagrams Into Crafty Home Decor

Create customized square products on your iPhone from as little as $2.

Technology Instagram To Team Up With Hipstamatic [Headlines]

Now you can upload stylized photos to the online platform with the click of a button.

Nike Sportswear & Hipstamatic

This partnership resulted in a special edition HipstaPak including a Nike case and B+W film.

Luxury Contemplating Path's 'Stacks' And The Future of Mobile Photography

The introduction of the Stacks feature prompted us to wonder if any single mobile camera and photo-sharing application will soon serve as a single source across usage occasions - and whether Instagram can play that role.

Homemade 360 Degree Camera [Pics]

DIY camera builder takes inspiration from nature to create an unusual sculptural device.

Design Dali Museum Offers Hipstamatic GoodPak

The opening of the Museum's new building is celebrated with a custom camera app upgrade.

Design The Irony Of Digital Technology

According to a recent New York Times article, the more perfect our creative outputs can be, the more imperfect we yearn for them to be.