Design Historic Chapel Redesigned Into A Modern Work Space

Belgian architect group Klaarchitectuur turns an old church into their new office, creating a juxtaposition between old and new

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Designer Imagines Roads Of Ancient Rome As A Subway Map

A student from the University of Chicago created the concept to map the empire of Ancient Rome, with lines running through three continents

Advertising Warner Bros And Intel Give The Film ‘Dunkirk’ A VR Treatment

Christopher Nolan’s newest blockbuster receives a VR tie-in to further put the audience in the experience of the film

Technology Virtual Statues Of Women Are Being Placed In Public Spaces

An AR app creates monuments to noteworthy women in often male-dominated places

Design London Internet Cafe Transports Visitors Back To The 90s

64 Bits exhibition uses vintage machines to show off the best of Web 1.0

Italian Graphic Designers Celebrated In Online Museum

The digital archive aims to attract attention to some of the country's overlooked artists

Advertising David Attenborough's Hologram Helps People Study Natural History In VR

Sir David Attenborough and London's Natural History Museum are giving visitors hands-on access to rare objects

Technology Google's AR Platform Gives Museum-Goers A New Way To Explore

Tango is utilized for the mobile tour Lumin, which aims to enrich visitors' experiences

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Film Takes Viewers On A VR Journey Of A Norwegian Railroad

Expedia released a new virtual reality film that lets people take an immersive tour of Norway without leaving their home

Entertainment Mark Twain's Library Will Host Aspiring Writers

Authors looking for literary inspiration can apply to spend some writing time in Twain's personal work space

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Interactive Map Gives Access To Radio Stations & Jingles From Around The World

Radio Garden lets you listen to a unique melange of live audio, clips from history, jingles and stories

Children Experience The White House In Augmented Reality Using A $1 Bill

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is an AR app designed to help people learn about the history and significance of the United State's capital building

Syndicated How NASA Technology Is Uncovering Lost Cities

Recent laser surveys have revealed traces of a vast urban settlement, comparable in size to Los Angeles, around the temples of Angkor in the Cambodian jungle

Design Learn Typography History In Font-Centric App

Typendium tells the history of five famous fonts through essays and illustrations