Design Modular Home Security Camera Can Mount To Any Surface

A new security camera created by Yves Behar's Fuseproject made an appearance this year's Consumer Electronics Show

Advertising Bumble Is Opening A Real Space In New York For Dates To Meet Up

The Hive, as it's called, is built to embody the brand, with yellow and hexagonal furnishings

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Coworking Passport Lets People Work Across Canada

Coworking BC is selling a 'coworking passport' giving users the opportunity to work all day in 20 participating spaces across the country

Design Stella Artois Chalices Double As Rock Band Instruments [Video]

Four new glass instruments created by Andy Cavatorta and played by Cold War Kids.

Technology Mobile Stations Can Roll Around To Optimal Working Spot [Future Of Work]

HIVE mobile work units that can be moved to the best location to get work done.

Work Pop-Up Workplace - A Future Of Work Trend

Furniture and office designs are becoming increasingly flexible to meet the ever changing demands of the workplace.

Innovation Piers Fawkes: Your Next Office Will Look Like A Pop-Up Shop [Future Of Work]

Office furniture is being revolutionized and allowing spaces to be customized to suit the immediate needs of employees and projects.

Work Workstations Created From Abandoned Houses

The Cleveland Institute of Art needed new workstations so Dan Cuffaro decided to make them out of recycled materials from abandoned homes in the area.

Design High Design Meets Papier-Mâché

Designer uses paper form that is both sturdy enough to last plus translucent enough to allow light to shine through.