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Delivery & Logistics Amazon Dash Customers Can Connect Their LG Appliances For Automatic Refills

As Amazon continues to infiltrate the consumer appliance market, its automatic refill capability is now available on LG products

Advertising LG Brings Free Drop-Off Laundry Service To Bonnaroo Music Fest

LG provides music festival campgrounds with 25 washers and dryers, plus a vintage clothing swap

Design Home Appliance Designed For Multiple Purposes, Some Analog

An Italian-made space heater functions as much as furniture for an antidote to our tech-infused homes

Cafe & Restaurant This Eco-Friendly Laundromat Doubles As A Health-Conscious Lounge

The new face of laundry includes kombucha, lounge areas and energy-efficient washers, allowing guests to relax and enjoy while their clothes are washed consciously

Fashion & Apparel App-Connected Jacket Adjusts To All Types Of Weather

Ministry of Supply created the Mercury Jacket with carbon fiber heating elements to heat or cool the wearer based on the ambient temperature

Retail Customers Can Test Their Gear In Woolrich's Extreme Weather Room

The brand's flagship shop in Milan lets shoppers try its outerwear in freezing temperatures

Home Compact Dishwasher For Small Apartments Can Finish A Load In 10 Minutes

Tetra requires no plumbing and is small enough to sit on a countertop

Food & Beverage Device Automates The Process Of Making Yogurt At Home

Yomee is a device that automates processes such as stirring, culture loading, and chilling

Design Shower Curtain Inflates With Spikes To Limit Water Consumption

The design from artist Elisabeth Buecher activates inflatable spikes if someone takes too long of a shower

Technology Aircon Watch Regulates The Wearer's Body Heat

This smartwatch sends out pulses to trick the wearer's nervous system into either cooling or heating their body

Home This Air Conditioner Cools The Room Based On Artificial Intelligence

Mitsubishi Electric has announced an air conditioner that comes equipped with AI to set the perfect temperature

Advertising LG Put Up A Dishwasher-Themed Water Park In New York

To promote its new four-arm spray dishwasher, LG inflated a pop-up water park on New York's Upper East Side

Interview Flat Pack Toaster Offers An Eco-Friendly Approach To Consumer Electronics

The assembly kit is built on the belief that consumers should be able to repair their home appliances

Delivery & Logistics PSFK's Latest Research Paper, 'Building Customer-Centric Appliance Experiences,' Is Available For Member Download

This PSFK research paper explores best-in-class examples of how retailers and brands in the home technology space and beyond are addressing specific customer needs within the appliance shopping journey