home design

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Gucci Generates An Immersive Home Design Experience For Its Shoppers

The high-end brand's devoted fans can experience its latest home decor collection through an augmented reality feature in the Gucci app, enabling a better online shopping experience through virtual pre-purchase trials

Millennials IKEA's Latest Collections Are Geared Toward Today's Adventurous Millennial

The household and lifestyle ranges from IKEA feature a surplus of utilitarian pieces designed with "modern nomads" in mind

Design Movable Vacation House Constructed Using Concrete Boxes

The 4,000 square foot building is made up of modular frames so it can be relocated if needed due to coastline erosion

Home The Real Estate Industry is Going 3D

Archilogic lets you convert property listings into interactive models so you can design your future home before you move in

Work Portable Furniture to Shelve Next to Your Moleskine

BOOKNITURE design provides furnishing relief for cramped urban dwellers

Luxury Transparent Home Designed for Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

The all-glass structure can bring in ample sunlight but also a wealth of healthy side-effects

Innovation Indoor Camping Furniture Will Re-Imagine Living Spaces [Pics]

French designer rethinks traditional fixtures with a series of super lightweight home furnishings.

Design Mobile Trailer Unfolds Into Spacious House [Pics]

This concept design lets you fold out the pieces to create a portable home that is three times the size of a normal trailer.

Technology Upload Photos Of Your Home To Mash Up With Favorite Designer Rooms

Project Decor is a home decoration platform that features interactive design boards and lets users browse and buy items to create their own personal design.

Home Listen To Shifting Tectonic Plates With In-House Microphones

Nine geological microphones embedded into the foundation of artist Doug Aitken's house allow guests to listen to the shifting tectonic plates.

Design A Georgian Country House Remixed [Pics]

An innovative, modern update of a historic estate by London designer Ilse Crawford.

Work Cubed Living In A Tiny Apartment [Pics]

Architectural design studio MihaDesign renovates a dwelling in a creative use of limited space.

Design Urbio: The Indoor Vertical Garden

Magnetic garden helps urban households get green.

Design Airborne Plant Pods For Indoor Gardening

Hanging ceramic pods make for an unusual design element and convenient way to grow plants inside.