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Design Brad Pitt Reinvents The Bungalow

Make It Right foundation launches new designs to help those in need

Home Intelligent Picture Frame Curates Photos Based on Occasion, Weather, Time of Year

How Fireside's SmartFrame will change the way we experience our endless stream of digital content

Innovation 300 Cocktails At The Touch Of A Screen

Somabar is a phone-controlled mixologist that lets you create craft drinks within seconds

Design Tear-Off Scoop Packaging for a More Efficient Laundry Day

Chinese designers develop environmentally-friendly detergent package with useful scoop

Advertising Nest Expands its Footprint By Building a Mountain Home in the Sky

Unique partnerships and a distinctive media strategy are enabling Nest to break out of its niche market

Work Best of 2014: Regenerative Candle Forms New Ones As It Melts

Benjamin Shine creates an old-school light source that can rise from its own ashes

Technology Heat Your Room For 10 Cents A Day With Candle-Powered Device

Italian design student creates cheap heating alternative

Design Device Motivates You to Save Water in the Shower

Eva shower attachment gamifies water consumption

Home Sunn Light Works in Natural Rhythm with the Sun

Improve your health and sleep by ditching harmful indoor artificial lighting

Innovation Brew Customized Craft Beer via Smartphone

Brewie is a fully-automated, smartphone-controlled home brewing machine

Design Blue Bottle Moka Pot A Tribute To A Neglected Brewing Process

1930s Italian classic reinvented for modern-day coffee connoisseurs

Technology Expeller Lets You Extract Your Own Cooking Oil

Extract your own fresh cooking oils with this mad scientist-looking device

Gaming & Play RoomScan App Draws Floor Plans in Minutes

App accurately measures distances between walls and deliver images of floor plans using a phone's sensors.

Work App Uses Artificial Intelligence to Fix your Home Improvement Mistakes

Fountain connects you to the home expert you need