Beauty Lush Gives Free Coffee To Shoppers Who Use Their Own Cup

The cosmetics retailer Lush is partnering with a homelessness charity to create a pop-up activation encouraging people to ditch single-use coffee cups

Advertising Debate Questions Prompt Passersby To Engage With The Homeless

Street Debater wants to create less awkward and more meaningful exchanges between the homeless and city dwellers who might pass them by

Retail Free Vending Machines Provide The Homeless With Basic Necessities

Action Hunger is furnishing public areas with vending machines that supply homeless people with free food, toiletries and other necessities

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Blockchain Service Creates Digital Identities For Homeless New Yorkers

Blockchain for Change helps homeless people connect to the services they need with a digital identity in its Fummi app

Delivery & Logistics 3D-Printed Pods Provide Housing For NYC's Homeless In This Concept

Framlab believes the idea can alleviate homelessness in cities, providing shelter at minimal cost

Syndicated Madrid's 'Robin Hood' Cafe Charge The Rich To Feed The Poor

The charity restaurant makes money from customers by day to offer homeless people meals at night

Consumer Goods Pop-Up Shop Helps San Francisco's Homeless

Online startup CRACK + CIDER has set up a store that is selling cold-weather essentials that can be purchased for others

Design PSFK Pulse: Brand-Sponsored Boarding Schools and Smart Car Parking Lots

Kickstart your day with smart car city design and English frappuccinos

Home Your Morning Coffee Could Help End Homelessness

Change Please is a U.K.-based coffee truck that pays the homeless a living wage to make people's morning lattes

Innovation Lava Mae Brings Mobile Showers to San Francisco's Homeless

Crowdfunding campaign paves way for sanitation services for the homeless

Homeless People's Handcrafted Signs Auctioned as Art Pieces

'Behind the Sign' is a project that auctions off the one-of-a-kind creations, with proceeds going to The Doe Fund

Work Multi-Use Billboards That Aim To Solve Social And Environmental Issues

Agency Design Develop aims to help homeless people by converting billboard advertisements into living spaces.

Sidewalk Shop Creates A Retail Experience Out Of Salvation Army Donations

Set up your very own street-worthy charity shop in a matter of minutes.

Luxury Google Bus Drives Straight Through San Francisco Poverty Issue

The California tech industry has had unfortunate side effects on the city – including startup bosses complaining about the homeless.