Beauty IL MAKIAGE's AI-Enabled Quiz Matches Online Customers To Perfect Shade

The beauty brand is offering foundation recommendations based on a brief online quiz, forgoing tech integrations like AR that other beauty retailers are using for a streamlined approach to personalization

Brand Activation & Immersion Lush Gives Free Coffee To Shoppers Who Use Their Own Cup

The cosmetics retailer Lush is partnering with a homelessness charity to create a pop-up activation encouraging people to ditch single-use coffee cups

Advertising This Homeless Donation Site Targets Consumers By Living On Other Websites

The Homeless Webshop is an initiative by a Belgian charity to reach a wide audience of potential benefactors and facilitate donations by easily inserting into the code of established brands' websites, itself having no official home domain

Advertising Debate Questions Prompt Passersby To Engage With The Homeless

Street Debater wants to create less awkward and more meaningful exchanges between the homeless and city dwellers who might pass them by

Retail Free Vending Machines Provide The Homeless With Basic Necessities

Action Hunger is furnishing public areas with vending machines that supply homeless people with free food, toiletries and other necessities

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Blockchain Service Creates Digital Identities For Homeless New Yorkers

Blockchain for Change helps homeless people connect to the services they need with a digital identity in its Fummi app

Delivery & Logistics 3D-Printed Pods Provide Housing For NYC's Homeless In This Concept

Framlab believes the idea can alleviate homelessness in cities, providing shelter at minimal cost

Advertising Roundtable: The Biggest Shifts In Experiential Marketing In 2018 And Beyond

To get some crystal ball predictions for what the future of advertising holds for PSFK’s Advertising Playbook, we turned to a handful of experts

Cafe & Restaurant Does Crowdfunding Really Work For Building Cities?

Sadiq Khan is the latest public figure to support crowdfunding to pay for city projects, from libraries to swimming pools

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Crowdfunded Home Platform Seeks To Bring In Millennial Buyers

Fundrise is trying to help young adults save for a down payment while simultaneously crowdfunding the construction of homes in their neighborhoods

Design Why Public Space In London Is Quietly Disappearing

Pseudo-public space—squares and parks that seem public but are actually owned by corporations—has quietly spread across cities worldwide

Syndicated Facebook Is Planning To Build Its Own 'Social Housing' Village

The tech giant aims to build 1,500 apartments at Menlo Park after being criticized for helping to deepen the Silicon Valley housing crisis

Design Can VR Stop Bad City Developments Before They Happen?

From ‘meeting’ a resident affected by HS2 to ‘cycling’ along a proposed bike lane through the city, VR can have a powerful impact in the real world

Retail Amazon Is Building A Homeless Shelter Within Its Own Office Walls

At the brand's headquarters in Seattle, some of the local homeless population can find relief