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Design Aloft Has Created The First Voice-Activated Hotel Room

Lights off, lights on: just say the command and Siri will automatically update the space to a guest's request

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Hospitality Chain Wants To Bring Your Hotel Room To You

Scandic To Go offers a reverse take on hospitality, bringing a hotel room to guests' suggested location

Home Foldable Bedrooms Provide A Private Place To Sleep At The Office

Designers create collapsable bedrooms to keep professionals well-rested.

Inflatable Hotel Room Hoists Guests Up Into The Air

The Curtis hotel commissioned artist Alex Schweder to create a mobile room held up by a van-mounted scissor lift.

Work Portable Hotel Room Opens Out From A Suitcase [Pics]

The Hotello is a compact living/working space that can be packed up and taken anywhere.

Innovation Are Hotel Rooms Crawling With Bacteria? [Headlines]

An experiment of surfaces in rented rooms finds television remotes to be among the most heavily contaminated with microorganisms.

Design Split Personality Hotel Room Decor Is Half Street Art, Half Blank Canvas [Pics]

The "Panic Room" at Au Vieux Panier in France is covered in colorful graffiti while the other side is stark white.

Innovation Hotel Trials Snore Absorption Room

Crowne Plaza is testing new room in 10 of its hotels across Europe and the Middle East to improve customer rest and relaxation.