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Designer Matthew Mazzotta has created a pavilion to allow anyone to enjoy the sounds of a rainy day

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Leckie Studio has designed two different models of a cabin for those interested in constructing a home on their own

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The Maiden's Tower puts a modern twist on the classic children's fairy tale.

Advertising How Long Would It Take To 3D Print A House?

Movoto designs a calculator that automatically tabulates construction times.

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New sketchbook created specifically for architects by architects has a scaling guide on each page.

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New furniture takes advantage of small living space as the world’s population continues to increase.

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The creative agency creates a timekeeper in collaboration with Twitter.

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DUS Public Architecture plans to construct a entire house with a giant machine using bioplastics.

Advertising Sidewalk Billboards Can Function As Furnished Walls For Houses [Video]

HomePro created The Other Side project to help disadvantaged people in Thailand who use the wood from ads to build homes.

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Float or swim through this architecturally stunning Spanish home.

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An innovative construction material made from recycled animal waste, could help out the developing world.

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By adding paraffin to plaster, these drywall boards are eco-friendly housing materials.

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A home that doubles as a garage helps utilize urban spaces.