Automotive How Brands Are Cultivating Loyalty Among Modern Consumers

Consumers increasingly value high-quality customer service and the ability to co-create their brand experiences with the companies themselves, which has led to brands implementing more immersive technologies to create more customized loyalty program experiences

Post Purchase Service & Support HSBC Enlists A Robot Greeter As Part Of A Branch Banking Redesign

As part of a larger plan to enhance its real-life banking experience, HSBC enlisted the help of the robot Pepper at its flagship Fifth Avenue store, attracting branch visitors while providing answers to customer questions and even taking selfies

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services How Virtual Assistance Is Revolutionizing The World Of Finance

From virtual reality banking systems to AI chatbots and personalized rewards, financial services are finding innovative ways to improve while delivering more convenient support

Syndicated This Financial Startup Is Making Banking More Social

Monzo is a truly unusual thing—a bank young people are excited about. But while its speed and ease of use are impressive, there is a problem—it’s not making money

Advertising 5 Ads That Effectively Harness The Power Of Emotion

These ads say a lot using only a few words

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services HSBC Is Helping People Automate Their Saving

Force self-control on yourself with HSBC's SmartSave app

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Snap A Selfie To Verify Your Financial Identity

The British bank's mobile app uses facial recognition technology to protect business account access

Advertising If Versace and Nike Tackled Grocery Packaging

Photo series imagines flour by Prada, fruit by Nike, and the iMilk

Features Why Electric Cars Still Aren't Ready For City Streets

Israeli initiative Better Place sold fewer than 750 cars and lost over $500 million.

Retail Marks & Spencers To Open Branded Banks [Headlines]

The UK retailer, in partnership with HSBC, will be launching a full-service financial arm to replace the current M&S Money service.

Syndicated European Post Offices To Roll-Out Contactless Payment

All 11,5000 branches will use the technology by October, some as early as June 6th. With the change, the Post Office will become the biggest user of contactless technology in Europe.

Design Is Dubai The Most Powerful Catalyst In The Design World?

Cyril Zammit, Fair Director at Design Days Dubai, weighs on why the city is now being taken seriously by the global design community.


The crisis on the eurozone has not stopped the FTSE, Cac and Dax climbing for most of the past three months, don't they realize the economy is in crisis?