HTC Vive

Advertising LCD Soundsystem Releases A New Single Accompanied With A VR Experience

LCD Soundsystem work with Google's Data Arts Team to launch virtual reality dance experience Dance Tonite

Design The HTC Vive Is Turning Into A Fully-Fledged Virtual Design Tool

New announcements for the device are bringing additional capabilities to the leading VR headset

Design Google Blocks Lets You Make Unique Low-Poly VR Art

Google created Blocks to allow users to design 3D objects in a 3D environment using virtual reality

Technology VR Pen Gives Design Professionals A Precise Tool For 3D Drawing

Designed for commercial applications, the MASSLESS pen provides a precise and intuitive way to sketch in a virtual world

Health Startup Lets Doctors Practice Surgery With Medical VR

Virtual reality training could change the way medical professionals are taught

Retail HTC Launches A Monthly Subscription For VR Apps

The Viveport service lets you test five apps at a time for $6.99 per month

Technology Shoot Easily Shareable VR Content Straight From Your Phone

This startup has invented a new virtual reality format that's easily recorded and shared with friends on Facebook

Gaming & Play Fly Around The Globe With Google Earth Virtual Reality

Google Earth VR brings the entire world to the living room with an HTC Vive on Steam

De-Stress With This Relaxing VR Forest Experience

The digital experience puts you in a bioluminescent environment for self-guided, nonlinear meditation

Fitness & Sport Virtual Fitness Platform Lets You Workout Anywhere In The World

French VR company uses HTC Vive to create immersive training experiences

Technology The State of Directional Audio in Virtual Reality

Operating from the standpoint that sound makes up 50 percent of the VR experience, content creators are starting to hold it in higher regard

Advertising By 2018 We'll Have Stopped Designing for the Screen on the Wall

Will media rooms of the near future be geared toward virtual reality (VR) instead of the TV?