Advertising Op-Ed: Color Trends, Color Psychology And What It All Means For Brands

99design's COO explains why color matters for retail brands more than they might think, sharing research on as well as applications of consumer color perceptions to help guide branding decisions

Fashion & Apparel Paris Streetwear Brand Takes Basic Approach To Captivating Store Design

Homecore's Paris popup is a case study in dynamic interior store design using simple and cheap materials, referencing Newtonian physics and graffiti street art

Store Experience & Design NYC Visitors Can Learn About Color In Interactive Exhibit Inspired By The City

Color Factory's New York show offers visitors a visually saturated and immersive experience with a backstory about life in the Big Apple

Design Reactive Lighting Makes Video Games More Immersive

Philips and Razer announced a partnership to give gamers an experience that matches the lighting in the room to the activities on their screen

Home This IoT Block Of Wood Is Also A Minimalist Connected Home Interface

Made out of wood, Mui marries organic with high-tech

Entertainment Philips Bulbs Will Soon Sync With Games, Movies And Music

Philips will launch the Hue Entertainment program update in December, which will sync a user's LED lights to match what's happening on their screen

Advertising Pantone Honors Prince With His Own Shade Of Purple

The custom color was developed in partnership with the pop icon's estate

Design Giant Color Gradient Puzzle Has Over 1,000 Individual Tiles

In order to solve it, users must figure out how each individually colored tile fits in the color scheme

Children A New Inhaler Wants To Remove The Social Stigma For Kids With Asthma

Hue is a colorful inhaler designed for kids with asthma to enable them to feel less self-conscious when taking their medicine

Advertising The City Of Singapore Represented Through Pantone Cards

The project is an interesting take on how colors transmit a deeper meaning about a city's identity

Luxury Enjoy the Hues with a View in Brussels-Based Pantone Hotel

The design hotel in Brussels lets travelers experience the city through a lens of color

Gaming & Play Why Tablets Are The Key To Making Smart Homes Go Mainstream

Easy-to-use, multi-functionality and widespread use of tablets and new services built for them are switching the smart home concept into a reality.

Home What The Executive C.D. Of Google Chrome Labs Wishes He'd Invented

The Hue Connected Lighting series shows an underdeveloped aspect of the home as a place for potential growth.

Technology Mapping The Physical Qualities Of Sound With Light [Future of Light]

Designers are utilizing light and sound to bring people together around shared, interactive experiences.