Merchandising & Curation Oculus T.V. Lets Viewers Watch Shows And Movies In VR Anywhere, Anytime

The VR platform features both original programming and offerings from Netflix, Hulu, allowing users to enjoy their favorite shows in an immersive and on-demand way, taking the entertainment experience to the next level

Retail Amazon Gives Emerging Playwrights $5 Million To Write Stories For Audible

The brand is looking to create more compelling original content for the platform

Design Why Social VR Probably Won’t Work the Way Social VR Developers Think

Balaji Krishnan, founder and CEO of DabKick, discusses how we’re more likely to see social VR embraced by a small contingent of core users, leaving the rest of us behind

Entertainment Hulu Lets You Watch Shows In A Virtual Living Room With Friends

The VR application lets viewers join their friends as avatars where they can share an Oculus Room and watch movies together

Advertising Media Expert: Crafting Better Ads For A New Age Of Television Viewers

Jacqueline Corbelli, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of BrightLine, discusses how TV's evolution presents an opportunity for advertisers who are willing to explore the vast opportunities that exist in this new Advanced TV world.

Food & Beverage Stream Netflix Or Hulu Using This Connected Coconut

The product's creators hope consumers will jump at the chance to bring a taste of the Caribbean into their home technology set-up

Advertising Commitment Rings Won't Let You Watch TV Without Your Partner

A new kind of commitment: No more watching TV shows away from your partner

Home Hulu Creates a Pop-Up of Seinfeld's Apartment

To showcase its streaming launch of everyone's favorite sitcom, Hulu will erect an exact replica of Jerry’s apartment

Innovation Never See a Spoiler Online Again...Thanks to Google

Google may one day track your content consumption and prevent TV spoilers from ever reaching you

Technology YouTube Challenger Replaces Media Overload with Mindfulness

Vessel video platform seeks to improve media through stronger (and richer) support of content creators

Design Order Pizza During Hulu Commercials Without Leaving Your Show

The online video service partnered with Pizza Hut to bring a new type of ad that lets viewers buy food.

Technology Chipotle Launches Comedy Show Satirizing The Agriculture Industry [Video]

The restaurant chain is launching an original series called Farmed And Dangerous on February 17th on Hulu.

Advertising Will Google Become The Next Cable TV Provider?

Web giant in talks with media companies for potential broadcasting takeover.

Technology An Easier Way To Make Online Video Shareable

TouchCast is a new app that will make online video "look like TV but feel like the web."