human-computer interaction

Design What's On The Horizon In UI, VR, AR & AI

Rebecca Bedrossian, Global Content Director of POSSIBLE, discussed the acronyms that represent disruption and innovations—UI, VR, AR, AI—with futurist Amy Webb

Home Concept Phone Works As A Universal Remote For IoT Devices

By understanding the world around it, this phone unlocks a singular experience for controlling your smart home

Fashion & Apparel 3D-Printed Fur Could Open Up New Design Possibilities

Synthetic hair can be programmed to turn mechanical movements into electrical signals

Advertising Virtual Sports May One Day Take Over National Leagues [Video]

Researchers have discovered a way to merge the athletics and gaming industries with an exciting new concept.

Technology Computer Helps Users Multi-Task By Doing Work For Them

MIT's Brainput system measures brain activity and gives you a break when you've got lots to do.

Technology Tactile Pixels Send Us Towards Sensual Software Interaction

Haptic interaction with technology could take giant leap forward thanks to Senseg's 'tixels.'

Design Haptic Hacking Means There's Life In The Old Mouse Yet [Video]

Old hardware provides insight for new ways for us to get in touch with software.

Technology Hybrid Electronic Nerve Cells Create Possibility Of Brain-Computer Interfaces

Researchers have found that nerve cells naturally explore materials like silicon, which could lead to many scientific breakthroughs.

Advertising Mind Scanning Gadget Enables Emotional Browsing Of Flickr

EPOC neuroheadset could change the folksonomy of Flickr by letting your brain waves do the tagging.

Design Understanding Our Emotional Responses To Automata

A simple experiment in computer - environment interaction explores how easy it is to toy with our emotions via technology.

Gaming & Play An iPhone Obsession At Three Years Old

Writing on the Apple Blog, Patrick Hunt talks about his 3 year old daughter's obsession with her iPhone.