Design Hands-On Humidifier Design Mimics A Pillow Of Air

Lu Yicong goes against the current market of hands-free devices by creating a humidifier that requires a user to squeeze on its sides to release fresh air

Home USB Bottle-Top Device is Portable Humidifier

Brookstone's humidifier needs no reservoir by screwing on to any standard-sized water bottle

Design Bottle Humidifier Designed for Ultimate Utility and Aesthetic

Elevenplus's new product operates as a functional item while taking on the look of an art object

Advertising Paper Humidifier Flower Works Without Electricity

A portable and aesthetic innovation to help prevent overly dry environments.

Work Portable, Computer-Powered Humidifier Only Needs A Cup Of Water To Work

The Fogring is a tiny donut-shaped gadget that features no fixed water tank, instead floating in any water-filled container.

Innovation 'Stick' Humidifier Only Needs A Cup Of Water To Work

A recent innovation unveiled at the Interior Lifestyle Tokyo event is a portable humidifier that only needs to be placed in a small water source to increase humidity in an enclosed space.

Design Cat-Powered Appliances

Designer Yuan Gu has developed a conceptual humidifier that takes advantage of the motions of play.

Home (Pic) The Middle Colors Hidden Humidifier

The Middle Colors Humidifier Supersonic Wave is a unique home appliance that masks the it's workings behind a sleek exterior.