Technology Pioneer Of Humanability: Komal Ahmad

In an interview with PSFK in collaboration with Verizon, Komal Ahmad discusses how she is using technology for good in her work as founder and CEO of Copia, a mobile app that helps businesses put their excess food to use, helping curb environmental waste as well as giving food to those who need it most

Advertising This Scented Bus Stop Ad Teases A Vegan Cookbook

Joining the trend around experiential marketing, HarperCollins is advertising Bosh!'s new cookbook by presenting people with a multi-sensory bus-stop experience

Food & Beverage Software Connects Hungry People With Places That Have Extra Food

Researchers from Iowa State University’s Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology developed a platform to make food donation easier and prevent waste

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket PSFK 2017: What The Supermarket Could Look Like In 2065

At PSFK 2017, Studio Industries CEO Mike Lee teleported us in a time machine to the grocery store of the future, where experiences will reign over products

Retail This App Will Intercept Billions Of Pounds Of Food Thrown Out By Restaurants

Feeding America launched a new tech platform called ‘MealConnect,’ which hopes to streamline organizational efforts to intercept wasted produce

Children Get Active And Help A Child Across The World At The Same Time

UNICEF created a free app that tracks your activities and delivers food packages to children

Food & Beverage Program Alerts Shoppers To Discounts On Soon-To-Expire Food

Froodly is a new app that allows shop owners to get rid of unwanted inventory by discounting it and sending out an alert to nearby shoppers

Advertising Snickers Invents a 'Punching Pillow' to Combat Hunger

Feeling a mixture of angry, sleepy and ravenous? Try this hunger-curbing product on eBay

Work Trend Watch: Passive Philanthropy

Doing social good has never been so easy

Technology Jawbone Lets You Donate A Meal Using Its Activity Tracker

Audio tech company and Quaker Oats team up to help feed the hungry

Design Go Halfsies And Help End World Hunger And Fight Obesity

New social initiative encourages restaurant goers to pay full price for smaller portions and have the price difference donated to help end hunger.

Advertising Kraft Challenges Facebook Users To Take Two Minutes To Fight Hunger

The American food and beverage company's Facebook campaign has generated over 10 million donations to help combat hunger in the United States.

Retail Pepsi Teams With 7-Eleven To Relieve The Nation's Hunger

The brand pledges to donate money to Feeding America when its products are purchased from a local store.

World Bank chief warns on food threat [Headlines]

Soaring prices have created a ‘toxic brew of real pain contributing to social unrest’, says Robert Zoellick, urging action by the Group of 20 as 44m people are said to have have fallen into extreme poverty.