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Automotive Uber Drivers In London Must All Go Hybrid Or Electric By 2020

The ride-hailing service says it is aiming to tackle pollution by banning vehicles that do not have an electric motor

Retail Why Volvo Is Going All Electric In 2019

All Volvo car models following 2019 will either be electrically powered or a hybrid

Design European-Style Hybrid Subcompact from Chinese Automaker Points to Western Expansion

With Gert Hildebrand of Mini Cooper leading design, the Qoros 2 PHEV is poised to captivate the young Chinese market (and beyond)

Innovation Ford’s Solar-Powered Concept Car Doubles As Its Own Power Grid

C-MAX Solar Energi could reduce a typical car owner's annual emissions by four metric tons.

Luxury Futuristic Volkswagen Hybrid Travels 261 Miles To The Gallon

The German car manufacturer produces the world's most fuel efficient car, the XL1

6 Sexy Electric Cars Hitting The Streets In 2012 [Headlines]

These cars will help define the cutting edge of style and low-impact transportation.

Advertising Meet Your Next Social Network: A Toyota

Car manufacturer Toyota is working with Salesforce.com to create a private social network for electric car drivers.

Home Toyota's Total Energy Management System

The Smart Center system will be an energy hub for both cars and homes.