Food & Beverage V8 Caters To Millennials With Online-Only Vegetable-Based Hydration Drink

The beverage is called V8+Hydrate and will be sold exclusively online in an effort to compile consumer data and better target a millennial customer base

Design Palm-Sized Device Reads Your Skin's Hydration Levels

MiLi Skin Moisture Meter gives people an accurate and in-the-moment reading of their skin's moisture

Fitness & Sport Drinking Bottle Tests Water Quality With Just A Shake

Ecomo is a project on Kickstarter that promises a smarter way to stay hydrated

Health Fitness Wearable Measures Your Hydration

Backed by four years of research and medical grade technology, the sensor provides comprehensive physiology data

Health Transforming Gatorade From A Sports Drink Brand To A Leader In Sports Fuel [PSFK 2016]

Personalized formulas, meal supplements and organic offerings help the brand cater to every athlete

Home Gatorade, Smart Design And More To Share How To Create Experiences That Matter [PSFK 2016]

Join us May 13 at our flagship conference to hear how to create better brand experiences for consumers

Design Zero-Tech Water Bottle Helps You Reach Optimal Hydration

With no batteries nor electronic components, the 8UP Bottle keeps it simple yet functional with a twistable glass counter as its base

Innovation Water Bottle Glows When It’s Time to Drink Water

Stop counting by the glass and follow HidrateMe bottle's visual and app reminders