Food & Beverage Plant Cultivation Expert: Could The Future Of Food Be Free?

Mattias Lepp, founder of Click & Grow, discusses how he's planning to develop the world’s leading technology company for growing food in cities

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Hydroponic produce module uses coastal waterways to grow food in urban environments.

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Bitponics lets users know how to best take care of their plants based on information like soil pH and air temperature.

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The Agri-Cube is a self-contained hydroponic unit that provides air conditioning, a heat-exchanging ventilation system, and special growth lights.

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Hydroponic grow box lets users monitor their plants and adjust the environment from any mobile device.

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A new branch of the sandwich shop will feature a hydroponic vegetable growing station in the middle of the shop.

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Created as an artificial, glowing tree, Omar Huerta's Light Tree concept design combines a sculptural street lamp with a hydroponic plant growing system.