Cafe & Restaurant Hyperlocal News App Teams Up With Yelp To Provide Viewers Restaurant Reviews

Local Now is tapping into the website's wealth of content to round out its customized offerings and help users make dining decisions

Advertising Sole Searching In The Age Of The Smartphone

We spoke with Ron Faris about creating ephemeral communities in a world where Nikes aren’t just shoes anymore, they’re status symbols—like a Rolex, for your feet

Analysis Advertising Pattern Recognition: Using Data To Tell A Stronger Story

Emerging trends in the advertising world, from niche community-building to lonesome support

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Liverpool Receives Its Own Digital Currency

The English city is following in the footsteps of fiscally forward-looking cities worldwide by establishing its own digital payment system

Luxury App Creates A Bubble Of Nearby Connections Around Members

Spayce splits business and personal profiles in a hyperlocal context.

Technology App Provides A Minute By Minute Weather Forecast

SkyMotion paves the way for reinventing weather forecasting.

Retail Kickstarter-Like Crowdfunding Platform For Local Merchants Launches

Hyperlocal 'Lucky Ant' gives people the opportunity to support small businesses in their community.

Design AOL Uses Parking Meters To Market Hyperlocal Website [Pic]

Its online network 'Patch' offers free parking in downtown Montclair, New Jersey.

Technology Mobile App Pioneers Hyperlocal, Elastic Networks

A new mobile app automatically creates dynamic networks of friends for viewing shared photos, instead of requiring people to invite and follow other users.

Innovation The City As A Massive Laboratory For Innovation

The Institute for the Future has released a map of "The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion."

Advertising Hyperlocal Blog Launches A Weekly Print Edition

A website covering local events is attempting a trend reversal by introducing a physical version.

Retail SnapGoods: Localized Gadget Sharing Built On Trust

A hyperlocal service that allows you to lend things you don't use to people who will.

Design The Birth Of The Microhood

From San Francisco comes a hyper-hyperlocal way of looking at neighborhoods and communities.

Innovation Using Mobile Phones To Broadcast News

A novel project in India uses cell phones to broadcast news to villages.