Beauty How Brands Like Tommy Hilfiger Invest In The Future With Innovation Mentorship

From PSFK's Accelerating Innovation In Retail report, here's how today's leading brands are fostering new innovation by creating programs, coalitions and events that support emerging talent

Advertising Lexus Markets Latest ES Model With Entirely AI-Scripted Ad

Demonstrating the potential of AI and machine learning in storytelling and brand engagement, the luxury car company created a commercial scripted by IBM's Watson artificial intelligence that drew upon 15 years of ad history from the brand

Fashion & Apparel Retail Leaders From Away, Rent The Runway And More On Understanding The Customer

As consumers' relationships with brands move beyond the transactional, retailers find it increasingly important to integrate meaningfully into their customer's lifestyle

Retail IBM Helps Retailers Implement Data-Powered Ads With AI Marketing Suite

The suite of three tools helps retailers intake and process consumer information online to enable tailored, data-informed marketing campaigns

Food & Beverage AI Vending Machine Curates Customers' Drinks Based On Their Photos

A Hong Kong herbal drink retailer designed vending kiosks that implement a combination of visual recognition technology and artificial intelligence to predict what a customer is most likely to want, then offers them a choice tailored to their tastes

Packaging & Product Engagement Coffee Drinkers Can Track Their Beans' Source On An IBM Blockchain

Brooklyn Roasting Company customers can track their beverage's supply chain using QR codes found on to-go cups, appealing to consumer interest in brand transparency as well as product origin and quality

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Best Western's AI-Powered Ads Offer Viewers Personalized Travel Tips And Tricks

The hotel chain partnered with IBM to provide consumers with curated accommodation recommendations, offers and travel info, catering to consumer demand for services that understand their needs and can provide tailored offers and advice

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services IBM Scan-Tech Uses AI & Blockchain To Prevent Counterfeiting

Called the Crypto Anchor Verifier, the device can be used with a cell phone camera, and showcases new possibilities for blockchain applications from the tech company

Technology How Digital Advertising Is Incorporating Blockchain Technology

As media agencies look for additional ways to streamline their services, better protect their assets and enhance the consumer experience, they are increasingly turning to the decentralized ledger

Op-Ed Op-Ed: AR Is Turning The World Into A Playground For Creative Brands

Tool of North America creative director Clay Weishaar explores how brands can use the tech to enhance physical experiences in retail, travel, education and more

Health How Intuitive Onboarding Simplifies Insurance Sign-Up

Digital insurance services are implementing AI technology like chatbots to facilitate the complex task of joining an insurance policy

Work How Brands Are Connecting Their Networks To Good Causes

Companies are creating channels for their employees and customers to support causes with donations and volunteer work

Consumer Goods How IoT Is Enabling A New Era Of Transparent Sourcing

Embedded IoT sensors give suppliers and customers a complete end-to-end view of the supply chain

Delivery & Logistics How Companies Are Increasing Operational Flexibility And Worker Support Using IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses sensors to provide instant feedback to workers and decision makers to bolster efficiency