Design Artist Paints Murals On Ice Caps To Warn Of Climate Change

Sean Yoro rides out to icebergs in Canada to create works of art on the melting forms

Advertising Chinese Winter Fair Unveils Global Landmarks Chiseled Out Of Ice [Pics]

Harbin Ice And Snow Festival showcases some of the best winter sculptures the world has seen.

Design Melting Figurines Portay The Dangers of Climate Change [Pics]

Artist uses unique medium to highlight one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Home Gallery Made Out Of Ice Stays Open Until It Melts [Pics]

The artists' work that is on display at the ICEHOTEL displays talent from around the world.

Luxury Luxury Ice Hotel Gets Experimental Design Treatment [Pics]

Each year, artists are asked to design suites made entirely out of snow for the dwelling in Sweden.

Technology 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

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Advertising 10 Designs That Will Change The Cooking Experience [Pics]

A 'smart' spoon that tells you what you need to add to your meal to an at home molecular gastronomy machine, see the 10 finalists from the Electrolux Design Lab.

Innovation Culinary Courses With A Farm-To-Table Approach

Chef Dan Barber collaborates with the International Culinary Center to create courses that cover ecological agriculture, rural food production, and classic cooking techniques.

Technology How One DJ Creates Symphonies From The Sounds Of Nature

Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky, uses the sounds of nature to create visual and acoustic records of climate change.

Innovation City To Create Giant Ice Shield Against Global Warming

The capital of Mongolia is undertaking a bold initiative to regulate temperature and water supply.

Luxury Cool Your Drink With Mini Frozen Porsche Cars

Porsche has created a unique ice tray where every block of ice comes out in shape of their iconic car models.

Retail Starbucks To Sell Beans Roasted Specifially For Iced Coffee

The beverage and retail corporation describes the product as cold, crisp and energizing.