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Advertising Brewery Designed Beer To Remind Leaders To Prioritize Climate Change

Brewdog released a new beer, directed at the White House, to highlight the importance of acknowledging climate change

Design Thermo-Sensitive Sweaters Change Color In Cold Weather

Stone Island designed a limited collection of sweaters designed to change colors based on the temperature

Food & Beverage Japanese Engineers Have Made Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt

A secret ingredient helps Kanazawa Ice retain its shape even in high heat

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Advertising Augmented Reality Shows What Would Happen If The World's Ice Melts

Justin Guariglia wanted to provide a visual for people to fully grasp the reality of climate change and how it could affect them if all the ice melted right now

Gaming & Play Expansive Game Forces Players To Expand Their Perspective Of The World

Everything is a game that attempts to encapsulate just that: everything from the smallest of organisms to the expanse of the solar system

Design Art Installation Challenges Issues Around Border Protection

Rotterdam's Atelier ARI created the piece to confront political unease about border walls

Food & Beverage Beer Brewed Using Rain Water From Rooftops

Due to the increase rainfall in the Netherlands, Brewer Hemelswater found an innovative way to repurpose the resource

Design Artist Paints Murals On Ice Caps To Warn Of Climate Change

Sean Yoro rides out to icebergs in Canada to create works of art on the melting forms

Advertising Chinese Winter Fair Unveils Global Landmarks Chiseled Out Of Ice [Pics]

Harbin Ice And Snow Festival showcases some of the best winter sculptures the world has seen.

Design Melting Figurines Portay The Dangers of Climate Change [Pics]

Artist uses unique medium to highlight one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Home Gallery Made Out Of Ice Stays Open Until It Melts [Pics]

The artists' work that is on display at the ICEHOTEL displays talent from around the world.