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Brand Activation & Immersion As Artisanal Ice Cream Makers Move Onto Ben & Jerry's Turf, New CEO Ramps Up CSR To Differentiate The Brand

The veteran Unilever executive has been tasked with reinventing both the company's product offerings and social initiatives, aiming to create a definitive platform for sustainability and maintain a competitive position in the marketplace

Delivery & Logistics Häagen-Dazs Uses Geo-Targeting To Deliver To On-The-Go Customers

The ice cream brand is piloting a way to offer its products to those in need of a sweet treat wherever they are using location-based technology

Advertising Creative Agency Designs Own Ice Cream Flavor To Celebrate Its Rebranding

Periscope partnered with a local creamery to create an ice cream flavor that represented both its new logo and its company culture, functioning as a brand activation and summer treat all in one