Advertising The New Yorker's Latest Cover Comes With A Musical Soundtrack

To get people in the mood for the vernal season, the prestigious magazine's cover plays music with a click of your mouse over the illustration

Design Brewery Designed Beer To Remind Leaders To Prioritize Climate Change

Brewdog released a new beer, directed at the White House, to highlight the importance of acknowledging climate change

Design This Notebook Uses The Power Of Illustration To Inspire Creativity From Anyone

Designer Timothy Goodman created an irreverent, limited edition notebook for MOO to help creators keep things fresh

Technology This Digital Comic Strip Adapts The Format For The Modern Age

Protanopia mixes together 2D animation with 3D for an interactive comic that expands with a tilt of your tablet

Design Adobe's Principal Designer Made A Notebook Filled With Creative Prompts

The notebook contains unfinished illustrations to spark thoughts and encourage constant inspiration

Technology This Robotic Etch-A-Sketch Is A Drawing Board For The Modern Age

The Joto drawing board had a successful Kickstarter campaign, with its first products getting shipped in December

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Designer Beautifully Illustrates Public Transit Options In 24 Cities

The infographics offer an overview of local transportation in cities like Toronto, Seattle and Chicago

Advertising Imaginary Magazine Covers Move The New Yorker To The Streets Of Tokyo

A website where artists based in Tokyo create magazine covers about what they think makes the city and Japanese culture special

Advertising Delta Campaign Artfully Reimagines 133 Airport Codes On A Wall In Brooklyn

Artist Celyn Brazier illustrated the codes for all of the destinations the airline serves from New York

Design Illustrator Humorously Critiques Brooklyn Condo Architecture Trends

The series questions how much architecture contributes to killing the historic soul of a neighborhood

Podcast PurpleList Podcast Episode 11: How One Grumpy Old Man Became An Art Wizard On Instagram

PSFK 2017 speaker Ji Lee just wanted his father to connect with his grandkids online—then his dad accidentally became Instagram famous

Children Nike's Bandages For Kids Send A Message To Overprotective Parents

These bandages double as comic strips and contain a message that sometimes you can get hurt, get up and keep going

Innovation Tech And The City: Three Reasons We Love New York This Week

Including the Northside innovation festival and a series of guerrilla subway ads

Editors Pick Watch, Listen, Read, See: For A Dose Of Design Inspiration

Four recommendations from PSFK staff members to jumpstart your creative process