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Advertising Googlers Can Shop Their Image Search Results

As online retailers continue to explore visual shopping and search functionality, Google pushes ahead with the launch of shoppable image search results

Technology Google Unveils Faster Image Search

To help people find pictures quicker, the search giant is releasing a new layout with results and metadata available in an inline panel.

Syndicated How 'Findable' Are Your Photos?

With billions of photographs being taken every year, the ease of searching and finding photos lacking meta data is becoming a big issue.

Technology Image Search Software Scans Photo Server To Help Solve Crimes

Theia is an image search software that allows users to upload cellphone camera photos onto a collective server to facilitate search queries and help solve potential crimes.

Technology Google Adds New Search Features And Instant Page Loading

Google has announced a number of useful new additions to its search engine.

Work Google's 'Search By Image'

Google's latest search tool let's you search for images by uploading them to the search engine.

Advertising The Arduous Process Of Simmons & Burke

The digital artists scour the web for source material, using up to 5,000 images in one collage.