Advertising Amnesty International Used Hypnosis To Convey The Reality of Refugees

The international aid agency took empathy one step further by hypnotizing people to help them understand the horrors of the war in Syria

Interview For A First-Generation American, Branding Is A Tool To Counter Stereotypes

Samantha Joy Ariola talks about emotional advertising and the influence of her immigrant upbringing on her path to a branding career

Retail New Social Network Aims To Support Foreign-Born Communities

Homeis intends to help immigrants living in foreign cities connect and share advice

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Inside The Booming Business Of Nation Branding

These days, every place in the world wants to market its unique identity—and an industry has sprung up to help put them on the map

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Alternative Credit Agency Lets Immigrants Bring Their Credit With Them

Nova Credit wants to make it easier for immigrants to take out loans in a foreign country and receive financial support

Children Kind's New Project Aims To Teach Kids Empathy

Empatico is the name of the project aimed to help students connect with other students beyond their own bubble

Design Ai Weiwei Builds Elaborate Cages Across New York City Parks

Ai Weiwei's 'Good Fences Make Good Neighbors' is a visualization of the political discussion about migration

Advertising The ACLU Has Created A New Design Guide For Resistance

ACLU continues to be loud and clear in the public eye while quietly rebranding its visual identity

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket How Cities Would Suffer If Corner Shops Died Out

As the inventors of Bodega learned yesterday, people feel that real corner shops actually matter to cities in a way supermarket chains and automated cabinets never can

Technology A Chatbot Helps Refugees Prepare For Their Asylum Interviews

MarHub is a new chatbot that will help connect refugees with up-to-date information and tips during the asylum-seeking process

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Immigrants Tell Their Stories Through New York City Phone Booths

A new art installation in Times Square uses phone booths to play recordings of immigrants telling their personal stories for visitors

Entertainment VR Experience Sheds Light On The Outsider's Journey To America

The short film explores the journey of Mexican and Central American immigrants and refugees

Health NYCxDesign: Exhibit Offers Reality Check Of Social Institution Decay

Problems surrounding immigration, medicine and education and other topics are experienced through games and personal interactions

Technology JetBlue's Facial Recognition Provides Paperless Boarding

The airline's program will require only a quick photo match to board your flight