Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Swedish Travelers Can Use Biometric Chip Implants To Board Trains

A Swedish rail line is allowing passengers to board the train by scanning their biometric microchip implants

Technology Cyborg Implant Lets People Sense Orientation Like A Compass

North Sense vibrates each time it faces the Magnetic North

Advertising Implantable Chip Makes It Easy For Anyone To Become A Cyborg [Video]

This tiny device has the potential to give humans the ability to unlock their doors or log into a computer by a simple arm gesture.

Innovation Remote-Controlled Device Heals Wounds And Dissolves When Finished

Mending cuts, growing bones and delivering drugs are just some uses of this cutting-edge technology.

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Design 3D Printing Enables The Creation Of Personalized, Replacement Body Parts

Layerwise implants Titanium jaw in first ever jaw replacement surgery.

Home RFID Chip Implant Replaces House Keys

Joe Wooller of Australia is experimenting with a keyless life, thanks to RFID technology.

Work Artist's Camera Implant Prompts NYU Privacy Concern

Conceptual artist Wafaa Bilal plans to implant a camera in the back of head for a year, broadcasting images at one-minute intervals to a museum in Qatar.

Luxury Bionic Eye Could Restore Sight To The Visually Impaired

The bionic eye is designed to restore sight to people with failing vision.

Technology Intelligent Hip Device Monitors Bone Implants

Smart Hip is a new medical device that can monitor the performance of bone implants from within the body.