Brand Activation & Immersion KFC Fans Can Contribute And Fund Product Ideas Via Online Innovations Lab

The chain restaurant's Innovations Lab is an Indiegogo crowdsourcing and crowdfunding campaign that helps the brand foster innovation and gauge consumer interest

Retail Brookstone's New Discovery Program Showcases Indie Products

The retailer is curating a selection of crowdfunded and digital-only products for consumers to browse at the mall

Delivery & Logistics Target To Predict Home Needs And Automate Delivery

Fetch will use sensors and bluetooth technology to help keep homes stocked up on essentials

Design Space Beer Gears Up For Takeoff Next Year

Vostok Space Beer launched a crowdfunding campaign for the future of tourism: a bottle engineered to pour in zero gravity and a recipe that tastes as good as it does on Earth

Technology Bose Sleepbuds Headphones Are Designed To Help You Sleep Better

Barking dogs, loud traffic and snoring sleep partners are no match for these noise-canceling earbuds

Home This Lamp Hides An Alexa-Powered Voice Assistant

These lamps were designed to fit seamlessly into a home and work with smart assistants like Alexa

Retail Indiegogo Will Now Allow Startups To Sell Products On Its Site

The e-commerce branch will be open even to sellers who did not raise funds on the platform

Entertainment 360-Degree Microphone Lets You Become A Portable Recording Studio

Zylia is designed to bring the high quality experience of recording in a music studio to everyone

Design This Robotic Etch-A-Sketch Is A Drawing Board For The Modern Age

The Joto drawing board had a successful Kickstarter campaign, with its first products getting shipped in December

Automotive This Solar-Powered Car Is Designed To Be Affordable For Everyone

The Sion by Sono Motors comes in at just under $18,000

Health This Cloud-Based Medical Wristband Could Save Your Life In An Emergency

The wearable could help medical professionals diagnose and treat patients more quickly and efficiently

Cafe & Restaurant These Bed Sheets Are Infused With Coffee To Eliminate Odors

The Ettitude bed set contains bamboo and coffee grounds to reduce moisture and odors

Technology Miniature Hand-Held Moon Works With Augmented Reality

A 3D-printed model of the moon reveals more than meets the eye

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Ditch Your Wallet For This Single Universal Card

The Fuze Card is made to slim down your whole wallet into one nifty card