Industrial Design

Design This 'Tetris Table' Suits Any Office's Needs

Beijing firm People's Architecture Office created the new design to give people flexibility in any office space

Technology Simplicity Meets The Smartphone, After An Arduous Process To Design It

PSFK sat down with Linda Jiang, the designer behind Andy Rubin’s minimalist Essential phone

Home Inflatable Lamp Comes Rolled Up In A Can

Ingo Maurer's Blow Me Up lamp can be hung in different ways around the house

Children Foldable Cardboard Desk Creates An Instant Workspace For Children In Need

A product design student made a portable, easy-to-use desk for underprivileged children

Health Mind Kit Helps People Understand Their Emotional Distress

Mindnosis sets out to improve a person's experience of mental health assessment services with design

Fashion & Apparel Subscription Service Caters To People Who Want An All-Black Wardrobe

LOT is a clothing curator targeting a very particular customer, and it might just be a minimalist's dream come true

Design PSFK 2017 Speaker Interview: The Power Of Biology In Developing Human Technology

We sat down with Christina Agapakis, Creative Director of Ginkgo Bioworks, who'll be speaking at our PSFK 2017 conference, to discuss positioning biotechnology as the evolution of industrial design

Technology Robotic Bee Drones Could Be The Future Of Agriculture

This drone prototype gives bees a hand in pollinating flowers and could be a solution to the dwindling bee population

Baby Boomers Wearable Serves As A Digital Guide For People With Visual Impairments

The headset concept hopes to remove obstacles met by people with vision impairments

Baby Boomers Powered Clothing Designed To Assist The Elderly

Superflex is adapted from military apparel technology to help the aging population continue to live independently

Food & Beverage Space-Saving Kitchen Unit Designed For Millennials

Dsignedby created the sophisticated space-saving design for modern city dwellers

Work Kitchen Utensils Designed To Match Cooking Personalities

Massimo Capella culinary designs include a surgical kit and a painting palette

Home Shipping Container Kiosks Invade Seoul's Design District

Architects have skewed the industrial items to create multi-purpose structures in South Korea's newest plaza

Innovation Portable Tea Maker Device Lets You Carry Your Favorite Leaves on the Go

This dainty tea brewer allows you to enjoy a freshly brewed beverage anytime