Design Zady Throws Shade at Harmful Fashion Industry Practices With Its New Packaging

For its Essentials collection, the slow-fashion brand's infographic packaging is a unique approach to full production transparency

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Vizify is an online infographic tool that aggregates a job applicant’s social media data into eye-catching summaries of their personal and professional self.

Work Jell-O Infographics Tell The History Of The US Presidents

Henry Hargreaves creates a portrait of every U.S. president, coloring and positioning them to indicate different facts about their terms.

Design Infographic Art Thermostat

Serenity is a tool with e-ink that tracks information about your house like temperature, lighting, sound, and energy usage.

Design American Flag Reinterpreted As 50 Different Infographics

Created for the (Re)Flag USA project, MGMT. design came up with images that reveal statistics about the country.

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With both candidates pouring money into social media, how are they actually using it to engaging voters?

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inFusion's tea packaging is colorful and expressive while also communicating to their customers the contents of their product.

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Data from 7.68 million food ratings of half-a-million foods by the Eatery app is used in a series of five statistics-filled infographics.