Information Design

Design Designer Reimagines Event Tickets As Collectible Souvenirs

A design student saw printed tickets as ready for a redesign.

Advertising George Parker: Chart Mania… My Deck Is Bigger Than Yours!

George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK

Innovation Employing A Universal Language: Lorenzo Marini Responds To PSFK Future Of Health Report

An easy to understand symbolic language that can be used across cultures.

Gaming & Play Future Of Health: Picturing Our Health

The development of highly visual and often interactive formats are providing experts and amateurs alike with methods for investigating health on any scale, allowing for deeper analysis and greater insight.

Home (Mis)Readings: Design Project Tackles Information Overwhelm

Designer Mimi O. Chun is attempting to document everything she reads by removing the books or magazines' colors and images.

Technology (Video) Jaron Lanier On Micropayments

Jaron Lanier recently spoke at City Lights Books in San Francisco and explains some themes from his new book, You Are Not a Gadget.

Design SYNC/LOST: An Interactive Visual History Of Electronic Music

3bits has created SYNC/LOST, a multi-user installation that provides a comprehensive history of electronic music.

Innovation (Pics) Renters' Rights Flash Cards

Fed up with sketchy interactions with landlords, designer Candy Chang decided to create an easy way for renters to understand their rights.

Work (Pics) Boarding Pass Fail: Fixing Bad Design

After experiencing the frustrating design of Delta Airline's boarding pass, Tylern Thompson got to work sketching his own version.

Design (Pic) Wall Of Knowledge Concept Design

We were struck by this powerful concept rendering for a "wall of knowledge" at the Stockholm library.

Advertising (Pic) An Infographic About Infographics

David McCandless examines the sweet spot where the right amounts of information and design come together to successfully convey a point.

Design Red Arrow Project Encourages Mindfulness

The Red Arrow Project by Jennifer Fisher and Christian Cerrito uses floating 4'x4' kites to remind viewers to stop, explore and engage with their surroundings.

Technology Google Fast Flip Brings Print Style Navigation to the Web

In a move that aims to better recreate the experience of browsing through a print publication, Google Labs has introduced a new tool named Fast Flip.