Information Overload

Beauty Roundtable: Engaging Customers In A New Beauty Landscape

Modiface, Curology, PHLUR, Squire and Narvar speak on how beauty retailers and brands must approach customers who expect a degree of convenience, freedom and humanity

Home A Clock That Beautifully Manages Your Information Overload

The wall-mounted timekeeper is made to help people maintain focus and stay up to date with their appointments

Advertising Long Form Online Music Magazine Will Contain Absolutely No Advertising

Two traditional journalists take to the web to raise funds to produce, 'Uncool,' a slow media driven publication.

Design Are Algorithms The New Gatekeepers Of Knowledge?

Tools which help us manage information overload may do us harm in the long term.

Innovation Ed Cotton: Managing Complexity

Complexity has become an excuse for some businesspeople to preserve the status quo, to abandon thinking ahead and to push strategy to one side, because they don't believe it can be flexible and responsive enough to help them in a rapidly changing world.

Technology This Week In Brand Strategy & Advertising

PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news and ideas that caught our attention this past week.

Work Digital Tool Overload

An e-learning expert on why too many online tools work contrary for a learner.

Twitter Can Scale Better Than Email, Says CEO Evan Williams

Twitter's CEO shares his views on the impact of information overload on the company.

Innovation Daily Meditation Could Increase Attention Span

New research on the benefits of relaxing and focusing the mind.

Design The Benefits And Challenges Of Superabundant Information

How do we manage the ever-growing amounts of digital information that are being produced today?

Work The Key Difference Between Decisive And Indecisive People

Wesleyan University has released a study looking to understand how some people are more decisive than others.

Technology A New Perspective On Information Overload: Information as Matter

Information and user-experience theorist Thomas Peterson has proposed some fascinating ideas on how to deal with the overwhelming amount of data in the world and our limited capacity to consume it.

Technology How Much Is Enough?

Merlin Mann asks the important question - how much information is enough?

Design (Video) The Coming Challenges of the Pervasive Computing Era

MAYA Design has created a thought provoking video that concisely explores the coming challenges of the pervasive computing era.