Information visualization

Design Unconventional Maps Plot Experiences And Locations [Pics]

Visual Editions push the boundaries of traditional cartography by asking artists and writers to design their ideal form of the medium.

Mapping Social Networks In A 3-D Environment

Invisible Cities is an application that visualizes real-time and aggregate Twitter and Flickr data across an digital cityscape.

Anthroposts: A Digital Archive Of Found Post-It Notes

Anthroposts is a digital collection of over 300 found Post-It notes arranged on an interactive display which can be arranged according to color, common words, or density of information.

Technology SYNC/LOST: An Interactive Visual History Of Electronic Music

3bits has created SYNC/LOST, a multi-user installation that provides a comprehensive history of electronic music.

Technology Data Visualization To Improve The World

Can access to information change our perspectives in how we see the world?