Analysis How Brands Like Under Armour Are Enabling Responsive Products

From color-changing fabrics to garments that can answer phone calls, apparel retailers are enhancing how consumers interact with their clothing with wearable technology, enabling useful functions and capabilities

Design How AI Is Being Used To Prove Authenticity In The Art World

By analyzing a single brushstroke, this AI is able to pick a real Picasso from the fakes

Home This Air Conditioner Cools The Room Based On Artificial Intelligence

Mitsubishi Electric has announced an air conditioner that comes equipped with AI to set the perfect temperature

Automotive Minivan Lets You Keep An Eye On Your Kids In The Back

With the new model from Honda, parents can stay on top of the kids without being distracted while driving

Technology A New Smart Glove Translates Sign Language In Real Time

For less than $100, the wearable immediately turns hand signals into digital text

Food & Beverage Food-Scanning Phone Can See What You Eat

This device determines the chemical makeup of objects by analyzing the light patterns they reflect

Automotive A New Sensor From Panasonic Could Give Cars Night Vision

The new image technology removes the requirement for cameras to have a mechanical infrared cut filter

Health How AI And The Internet Of Things Are Transforming The Doctor's Office

Forward is a startup looking to redefine how people interact with their healthcare providers

Installation Turns Your Reflection Into A Silhouette Of Trash

Plastic Reflective, from Dutch designer Thijs Biersteker, helps participants think of ocean waste as a universal issue

Gaming & Play Built Like An Albatross, Drone Eyes Crop Evaluation and Search-and-Rescue [CES 2016]

Design prototypes for a drone made to help in humanitarian aid and agriculture #CES2016

Advertising Photosynthesis Camera Informs Gardeners If Their Plants Are Healthy

Simple technology help everyone have a green thumb.

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Adobe makes hardware, YouTube's paid subscriptions and eBay shares user data...links to start your day with.

Technology Headset Allows Firefighters To See Beyond Smoke

Golden-i is a head-mounted computer that contains a camera, GPS, micro-display, speech recognition, and gesture control.

Technology School Kids Pay For Lunch Using Their Palms [Video]

Infrared scanners implemented in the cafeteria hopes to streamline the payments.