Food & Beverage Forensic Tagging Will Allow Brands And Consumers To Verify Product Authenticity

With the ability to embed tags into raw materials (not just on packaging), everyone along the supply chain can expect greater peace of mind

Design This Robot Turns Walls Into Analog Displays

This invention will create (and erase) writing and drawings on any wall, over and over again

Fashion & Apparel These Scarves Are Printed Using Soot From Pollution

A designer uses ink made from car exhaust to send a message about pollution

Advertising Designer Recreates Famous Logos To Use Less Ink

French designer Sylvain Boyer reimagined well-known brand logos with environmental impact in mind

Home IKEA's Clever Posters Help People Effortlessly Cook Meals At Home

A new campaign wants people to have fun with their food using these instructional posters

Health Color-Changing Tattoos Can Monitor Health Without A Wearable

DermalAbyss is exploring the possibility of using special inks to monitor medical conditions

Design Conductive Ink Creates Interactive Device-Controlling Wallpaper

Conduit installation presents electrical wiring in a beautiful new way

Design Coloring Book Encourages Reflection On Climate Change

By making the data more tactile, the Climate Change Coloring Book encourages people to think through the pressing issue

Advertising London Billboard Illustrated With Polluted Air Ink

Anirudh Sharma from the MIT Media Lab has extracted soot from the air and mixed it with ink for artists to use

Retail Startup Turns Car Exhaust Into Artful Pen Inks

Using hardware that collects soot directly at the exhaust, Kaalink is a novel and resourceful way to create black pigment

Technology This Pen Will Let You Use Any Color In The World

Artists can scan any pigment they discover and use it to write or draw with over 16 million shades

Design The World's First Robot Tattoo Artist Is Here

Appropriate Audiences and Autodesk Pier 9 dream up a world of mechanical artistry for your next ink

Technology This Disappearing Tattoo Ink Is Gone After A Year

Afraid of commitment? A special kind of ink can be easily removed from the skin

Design Photos Of Vintage Computers Show How They Would Be Marketed Today

Retro fans will appreciate a series of photos highlighting computers from recent history