innovative design

Advertising How Would You Reimagine The Workplace?

What work environment inspires you? Submit your ideas for a chance to win $14,000. [Partner Content]

Design Barbeque Stays Cool To The Touch To Prevent Burns

British designer John Tomalin-Reeves developed the Halo Cooltouch, which doesn't get hot on the outside even when the food is cooking inside.

Design Shoe Made Out Of One Continuous Ribbon [Video]

The Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes doesn’t have a foot plate, instead it wraps around the foot.

Home Innovative Products Win At The Core77 Design Awards

A selection of the winners out of over 200 recipients across 17 categories covering all aspects of design from 22 countries.

Design Architectural Skate Park Follows The Natural Landscape [Pics]

The creation by California Skateparks at Camp Woodward is over 1,000 ft long and features high head jumps and quarterpipes.

Design Opaque Mirror Only Reflects When Viewed Straight On [Pics]

Tetsuo Kondo Architects' innovative design is a new take on an everyday object, which offers a blurred reflection from the sides.

Advertising How A Passionate Cyclist Turned Frustration Into A Successful Start-Up [Need to Know]

Abe Burmeister, founder of Outlier couldn't find a pair of pants that would hold up while biking in the rain--so he decided to make his own.

Home Contactless Credit Cards Turn 'On' And 'Off' To Increase Security

Innovative design disables the card when not in use, making it unreadable by criminals with portable scanners.