This Biodegradable, Multifunctional Paper Aims To Curb The Bee Crisis

City Bees created an environmentally friendly, glucose-containing material that can be used in products such as bags or coffee cups, at once helping curb plastic waste while also giving needed nourishment to the dwindling bee population

Advertising Habitat For Humanity Uses Insecticide-Emitting Posters In Campaign Against Mosquitos

The NGO designed ads that dissolve when it rains and emit an insecticide that destroys mosquitos carrying viruses like Zika, fighting for the very cause that the campaign is raising awareness for

Cafe & Restaurant IKEA Could Soon Be Serving Bugs And Worms Alongside Swedish Meatballs

The popular furniture retailer, famous for its in-store cafeterias, is making a push for sustainable protein sources

Food & Beverage Insect Burgers Go On Sale At Swiss Supermarket Chain

At Coop, adventurous eaters have a whole range of insect food products to choose from

Retail Cricket Farm Operated By Robots Aims To Make Insects A Viable Source Of Protein

A facility in Texas is raising the insects as a large-scale farming project

Design Scientists Track Bee Activity With Microphones

Webster University researchers believe this method could be a much more cost and time efficient method for monitoring bee activity

Advertising This Magazine Ad For Insecticide Can Be Used to Kill Actual Bugs

A clever advertisement harkens back to a low-tech method of getting rid of insects

Technology Wi-Fi Beehive Monitoring Keeps Beekeepers Informed

Called the 'Fitbit for Bees,' Hivemind was developed in New Zealand as a way to keep better track of the bee population

Beauty Burt's Bees Unveils A 360-Degree Digital Tour Through The Founder's Cabin

The program offers a tour through the simple cabin owned by Burt Shavtiz, who believed in the old ways being the best best ways

Food & Beverage Cheerios Are Giving Out Wildflower Seeds To Help Honey Bees

The cereal brand's new campaign is doing its part to help bees by giving out millions of seeds in an effort to start rebuilding the population

Design Robotic Bee Drones Could Be The Future Of Agriculture

This drone prototype gives bees a hand in pollinating flowers and could be a solution to the dwindling bee population

This Company Believes Insects Can Provide Biofuel To Power Our Future

A Polish group is testing out a new factory concept that can provide a source of renewable energy, and even serve space missions

Health Study Claims Cockroach Milk Could Be The Next Superfood

Researchers in India have found that the insects might be able to provide an alternative and compete protein source

Design Artist Creates Patterned Wallpapers Using Thousands Of Pinned Insects

The unique exhibition is on display at the Smithsonian's recently reopened Renwick Gallery