Polaroid Video Camera Instantly Prints Mini Flipbooks

Capture short films of your special moments and turn them into personalized flipbooks.

Design A Look Back At The History Of Polaroid [Video]

New York magazine editor Christopher Bonanos pens a book that details the story of Polaroid, from its pop-culture relevance to the technology in the camera.

Advertising Mobile Payment Platform Unveils New Instant Cash Feature For Users

Dwolla now lets users spend up to 500 USD instantly anytime, anywhere, using their Instant service.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Mirror Lets Kids Try On Virtual Outfits

Tomorrowland, a section of Disneyland in California, features an augmented reality mirror that acts as an entertaining and novel way to shop for children’s clothes.

Facebook Comes Out With Its Own Instant Messaging App [Headlines]

Facebook's messaging app defies platform-specific chat features like BBM and Apple's iMessage. It can also aggregate email, texts and chat messages. Currently available in the U.S. only.