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Design 10 Things You Need To Know Today

The problem with click fraud, Krispy Kreme's adaptations to India, and more.

Technology French Tech Company To Ban Internal Emails & Switch To Facebook-Style Messaging

Atos' 74,000 employees will start using instant messaging and a Facebook-style interface.

Design AIM Chat Revamps Itself To Stay Relevant

AOL overhauls its instant messaging service and launches it on smartphones.

Technology Emotions Triggered By The Internet

Journalist Leigh Alexander on the emotions that have been created by our increasing Internet usage.

Technology Modded LED Christmas Lights Indicate Online Presence

Andrej Kyselica has programmed the decorative lights to let him know when his friends are online.

Advertising Five Levels Of Communication In A Hyper-Connected World

Scott Belsky, Founder & CEO of Behance, proposes 5 levels of communicate to facilitate our choice of medium, vs. desired message.