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Analysis How Media Brands Like The Economist Use Community To Build Connections With Consumers

Brands are building communities around their content, fostering relationships between customers in order to increase loyalty

Interview Interview: When Chat Works Best For Customer Service

Betaworks VC Peter Rojas shares his perspective on the role of chat interfaces in customer service, including their success outside of U.S. markets

Snapchat Users Can Now Group Chat And Mention Each Other

An update to the popular app lets users participate in group video chats and mention other accounts on their snaps

Design Interview: When Chat Works Best As Brand Interface

Betaworks VC Peter Rojas shares his perspective on where and why chat has found success as a medium for brands to interact with consumers

Retail Luxury Brands Are Rushing To Build Their Own Chatbots For The Holiday Season

High-end retailers are catching up with their own AI chat bots to engage holiday shoppers

Advertising Facebook Has Launched A Version Of Messenger For Children

A new messaging app on the social platform creates an age-appropriate environment for kids to chat, after approval from their parents

Food & Beverage Order Your Next Round Of Drinks From A Chatbot

This Pepsi chatbot accepted drink orders from event attendees and notified them when they were ready

Advertising Japan's Line Messaging App Unveils A Times Square Flagship Store

The popular messaging app company has also created a line of smart speakers to compete with Amazon's Echo

Technology Amazon's New Chat App To Merge Chatting And Shopping

Anytime by Amazon is loaded with features that rival offerings by Facebook

Beauty Estée Lauder Is Combining Chatbots With Augmented Reality

The cosmetics brand partnered with ModiFace to create a bot that lets customers see how makeup will look on their actual face before buying

Technology Emoji Advertisements Come To iOS

2deHands designed stickers as a way for sellers to advertise products they're selling through chat to potential buyers

Food & Beverage French Supermarket Uses Snapchat To Prove How Fresh Their Fish Is

The supermarket chain U partnered with TBWA Paris for a campaign that takes advantage of Snapchat's 24-hour limit on Stories

Advertising This Bot Will Tell You If You Have Sex Appeal

What is your mystery factor? SKYN Voice Analyzer will read your voice and tell you how much appeal you have

Design Google Employees Built A Service That Turns Voice Messages Into Emojis

Supersonic is a fun voice messenger that will automatically translate audio messages into emoji-filled texts