Home Hacked LCD Monitor Only Reveals Its Contents To Its Owner

This DIY project hides your screen from everyone but you.

Bra Unhooks By Clapping [Video]

The Clap-Off Bra pops off at the sound of two consecutive claps.

Design Bike-Powered Generator Disguised As Patio Furniture [Video]

An Instructables member created a generator built from scrap wood and an old treadmill.

Technology 3D Printed Photos Can Be Seen By The Visually Impaired

Amanda Ghassaei of Instructables used an Objet Connex500 to create textured prints that can be felt as well as viewed.

Design Laser Cutter Carves Music Onto Wooden Records

Instructables member Amanda Ghassaei has developed a way of fabricating LPs out of natural materials with playable audio.

Technology Inkjet Printer Hacked To Make Biological Materials

Open source project shows how anyone can change an ordinary desktop printer to turn it into a machine to make cells and living things.

Design 3D Printed Records Provoke New Music Piracy Debate

Amanda Ghassaei of Instructables has converted digital audio files into 33rpm records that play on standard record players.

Design Play 3D Printed 'Vinyls' On Fisher-Price's Toy Record Player

Instructables instructs users how to create their own custom (of the non-children variety) songs to play on the classic toy.

Advertising DIY Business Card Hacks Your Vision To Make A Lasting Impression

Maker community offers a novel way to share contact information.

Design DIY 3D Fluid Scanning Captures The World In Greater Depth [Video]

Amateur art approaches open doors for low fi 3D printing enthusiasts.

Design DIY 3rd Person Realtime Viewing

The eternal question of 'does this make me look fat?' may soon be thing of the past if BigRedRocket's invention was strapped on worldwide.

Technology Project HALO Allows The Blind To Navigate Freely Without Assistance

Haptic device uses ultrasonic sensors to help the visually impaired walk without fearing collisions.

Design Bicycle Charges USB Devices When Pedaled

A DIY project installs a small generator on a bike to charge electronics.

Design (Pics) DIY Wallet Made Out Of Common Kitchen Ingredients

Jay Cousins from the Open Design City workshop is cooking up bioplastic accessories.