Design Bike Add-On Motorizes Any Frame [Video]

An electric bike converter that can be installed in seconds and doesn't require any wiring.

Innovation Electric Scooter Uses An iPhone As Its Dashboard

Smartphone integration lets you keep track of battery life, mileage and more while you're riding.

Technology Latest Roku Includes Remote With Built-In Headphone Jack

The new streaming player can instantly switch audio to the headphones while muting your TV speakers.

Design One Day...Technology Will Be Invisible

Gadi Amit of NewDealDesign looks forward to a day when technology will be so sophisticated that we wont even be aware we are interacting with it.

Innovation New Fiat Replaces The Cup Holder With An Built-In Espresso Machine

Users will soon be able to brew fresh coffee right inside their car.

Advertising Altoids Hosts Haux Relic Collection For Charity Auction On eBay

The breath mint company has launched a unique campaign in which they have created humorous, fake artefacts that people can bid for online.

Work Ballantine's Experiments With Human API By Intercepting The Artist's Mind

Scottish whiskey company Ballantine's turns to its Facebook fans and three talented artists to conduct a real-time experiment, known as a Human API.

Advertising 16-Year Old Australian Sails Around the World (& Blogs About It)

Jessica Watson recently became the youngest person ever to sail solo and unassisted around the world. Throughout the journey, Watson shared her experience with a global audience.