interactive art

Brand Activation & Immersion Gamers Can Create A Virtual Burger King Whopper To Receive A Free One IRL

Red Dead Redemption players in Sweden can virtually collect all of the ingredients for the fast-food chain's famous burger and register their inventory to receive a free burger

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Service Teaches Gamers How To Save Money

Blast is a tool that integrates with video games to help players build up 'micro-savings' through in-game achievements like beating a level or climbing a leaderboard

Fashion & Apparel Bloomingdale's Highlights Retro Nintendo Collection With An In-Store Gaming Exhibition

A new collection of designer collaborations inspired by classic Nintendo is being promoted with in-store games and events

Advertising Sega Transformed A Parkour Gym Into A Real-Life Video Game Level

Sega created a parkour course based on a level from its Sonic the Hedgehog games

Gaming & Play Retro Pocket Console Recreates The Feel Of A Classic Game Boy

BittBoy is a pocket-sized retro gaming console that takes after the original Game Boy, with over 300 games in its library

Design Artist Creates Life-Sized Images That Aren't Complete Until Viewers Participate

Tezi Gabunia invites visitors to his art exhibit to interact with the paintings and add their perspective to his creations

Beauty Shu Uemura And Nintendo Collaborate On Super Mario Makeup

The iconic Japanese brands have partnered to release a new collection of makeup with graphics inspired from the NES game

Design Super Mario Bros Recreated As A Life-Sized AR Game

Abhishek Singh recreated the first level of Super Mario Bros as an augmented reality game where you play as Mario

Entertainment Mind-Bending Puzzle Game Takes A Page Right Out Of M.C. Escher

Fragments of Euclid lets gamers explore a strangely connected world

Children Microsoft Is Launching Classes To Teach Kids About Game Development

The Xbox Academy helps students learn about how a development company creates a videogame from start to finish

Advertising Interactive Art Exhibition For Dogs Provides Endless Fun

Installations created by artist Dominic Wilcox are based on activities loved by canines, such as fetching tennis balls and splashing in water

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Piece Of Art Lets You Walk On Water In Northern Italy

The 'Floating Piers' project creates an extension of a street as a walkway between islands

Artists Explore Selfie Culture of Narcissism

Interactive anti-selfie mirror distorts reflection the longer a person looks into it

Giant Pinwheels Turn Art Museum Into A Children’s Toy [Pics]

An example of how interactive art can help museums attract more visitors.