Technology Ring Transforms Your Own Body Into A Touch Screen

A new interface technology moves the smartwatch screen to your skin

Design Future Of Work: 5 Promising Careers

An exercise exploring possible areas of expertise that will be in demand in the near future.

Technology Multitouch Interface Generates Input From Feet

German researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institut have designed a multitouch interface that translates pressure from a user's feet into computer inputs.

Home Physical-Digital Interaction Evolves

Today the Unofficial Apple Weblog points us to the upcoming launch of the Air Hockey app by Acceleroto, and we see opportunity for applications like this to incorporate physical objects as an integral part of digital experiences.

Work Ironic Radio: Playing With Typologies And Discomforting Interactions

The Interaction Design Programme at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design shares some of their latest projects with PSFK.