Video The Internet Is Dead

Viacom executive Kodi Foster says that the internet is from a past age, apps are about to come to an end and we’ll all start living digitally in messaging apps

How Artists Are Taking On Facebook And Big Data

Langlands and Bell are celebrating their 40th year together – by taking an uncompromising look at Silicon Valley’s utopian promises

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Bank Of America Hopes To Monitor The Integrity Of Online Ads With A Brand Safety Officer

The new role was created after fears about questionable content, following Unilever’s public stand against ‘fake news, racism, sexism and hate’

Children The Importance Of Unplugging In A World Of Connected Toys

DFRobot's CEO Ricky Ye discusses how children must continue to learn and play with products that teach skills of both the physical and virtual world

Design This Project Is Setting Out To Determine What The Internet Sounds Like

Sound designer Matt Parker has created a documentary on what noise the Internet would collectively create

Technology This Rotary Phone Is Actually An Analog Way To Browse The Web

Hear how a browser communicates with a webpage through a rotary phone

Advertising 22,000 People Agree To Community Service In Return For Free Wi-Fi

Toilet scrubbing was just one of the tasks hidden in the fine print

Syndicated Amazon Patents Beehive-Like Structures To House Delivery Drones In Cities

New centers would allow Amazon to shift away from traditional large single-story warehouses that temporarily store packages before they are shipped

Design London Internet Cafe Transports Visitors Back To The 90s

64 Bits exhibition uses vintage machines to show off the best of Web 1.0

Syndicated An AI-Editing War Is Taking Place On Wikipedia's Pages

Over time, the encyclopedia’s software robots can become locked in combat, undoing each other’s edits and changing links, say researchers

Entertainment How Do Content Creators Cut Through The Noise Of The Media Today?

Justin Montanino, New York Media’s Senior Director of Branded Content, discusses the key challenges, shifts and trends that are on the horizon in the entertainment industry this year

Health Algeria Has Opened Its First Internet Addiction Clinic

In Constantine, Algeria, compulsive web users can seek relief

Entertainment Browse The Internet Completely Hands-Free

With TTS, Speech Central will scan articles and read them through a phone's browser

Technology Delete Your Internet Presence With The Press Of A Button

Deseat.m is a tool that helps anyone scrub their identity from the web