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Automotive Bentley Looks To Monetize Its Drivers' IoT Vehicle Data

The luxury automaker is exploring ways to ethically monetize information from its connected and autonomous vehicles, turning its cars into media platforms and helping advertisers target consumers

Advertising Three Apps That Help Local Restaurants Maximize Potential Revenue

Mobile applications Lulu, Bagbnb and KettleSpace are aimed at helping restaurant owners stay solvent by putting their dead hours to work through providing services unrelated to food

Technology Solar-Powered Hub Can Bring Internet To Billions Living Off The Grid

Kumbaya's connectivity platform seeks to provide access to the internet for remote and underserved communities

Cafe & Restaurant Burger King Uses Service Speed To Teach Customers About Net Neutrality

The campaign makes Burger King customers pay an exorbitant amount to get a Whopper at the speed they're used to

Design Wall Tapestry Transforms Wi-Fi Signals Into A Work Of Art

This design concept makes invisible connections eerily visible

Children The Importance Of Unplugging In A World Of Connected Toys

DFRobot's CEO Ricky Ye discusses how children must continue to learn and play with products that teach skills of both the physical and virtual world

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Honeywell Plans To Bring Netflix-Capable Internet To The Skies

The "Connected Aircraft" will have cloud-based and automated systems for maintenance, check-up and passengers' viewing pleasure

Design Free Syrian App Helps People Stay Connected In War And Disaster Areas

A new program called FreeCom allows online communication to work offline

Home Google Wi-Fi Platform Helps Keep You Off The Internet At Night

Dinner time? Homework time? Bedtime? Pause your Wi-Fi signal through Google's new app

Technology New York City's Wi-Fi Kiosks Now Include An On-Demand Directory For Social Services

To help make it clearer who the LinkNYC kiosks were made for, the city has created a directory program named Aunt Bertha

Entertainment Google Announces A Service To Rival Cable For $35

The package includes live programs and TV shows from the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airline Dating App Connects Passengers While In Flight

Make the most of the hours you spend on a plane by chatting up a stranger in the hopes of making a connection

This Tiny Italian Village Was Transformed Into A Real World Internet

Street art project points out the absurdity of today's digital dependence

Innovation Design May Help Us Find Digital Tools to Cope With Extreme Weather

From relief drones to 3D-printed food and medicine, technology designers can play a vital role keeping us safe in emergencies