Internet Addiction

Health Algeria Has Opened Its First Internet Addiction Clinic

In Constantine, Algeria, compulsive web users can seek relief

Advertising 'Surf Selfies' Reveal Your Web Addiction

A web plugin monitors users' online browsing habits and provides an insightful weekly report.

Innovation 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

US hospital to treat Internet addicts, camera that calculates calories of a meal and an app that schedules your tweets to be deleted.

Technology Women Are More Dependent On Social Media Than Men [Headlines]

Results from a study of 2000 British people have shown that over 50% of women surveyed used social networking sites, versus only 34% of their male counterparts. It was also shown that women are more likely to be heavy online gamers.

Technology Internet Addiction May Be Classified As An Actual Mental Illness [Headlines]

The American Psychiatric Association is considering adding a dependence to the DSM-V.

Home (List) What the Internet is Killing

The Telegraph recently featured a list of fifty things that are being destroyed by the internet. The article is hardly surprising given the massive shifts the internet brings to society, but it does raise a debate about what will be missed from a bygone era and what will be rightly forgotten.